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Vrbo is an American vacation rental online marketplace originally known as Vacation Rentals by Owner or VRBO. It was acquired by HomeAway in 2006. Expedia Group acquired HomeAway on December 15, 2015. On March 27, 2019, VRBO was re-branded Vrbo, including a new logo, capitalization, and pronunciation. In July 2020 HomeAway and Vrbo websites became a single Vrbo website.

"Sam S. says, "VRBO has failed to pitch in on this pandemic crisis! They are allowing home owners to refuse refunds when beaches are closing, travel restrictions in place. Our family lost $1800 and many other families are losing with no regard! AirBNB stepped up and made sure their travelers were refunded. I will never book VRBO again!"


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Meloy8yelo@gmail.com says

"I booked month in advance paid in full. Natural Disaster hits Texas. I have had no electricity no water for 5 days. I get no refund or partial refund from VRBO. I did not cancel in time. How does one prepare for an unforseen disater?? No help at all and I am out $650! No one would work with me. Only if owner could re book. During a Natural Disaster????"

Mark says

"I have watched VRBO absolutely ruin the vacation rental market from its inception to its now bloated, over-priced, bureaucratic manifestation. Prices crept up, and more and more people and web pages were in-between myself and the property owner. Meanwhile, the VRBO collected big time. I avoid VRBO anytime I can. It is now so bad, you may as well stay at a hotel. "

DD says

"Despite CLEAR evidence I cancelled my reservations within the time allowance of a 100% refund through the VRBO system, including emails from the PROPERTY OWNER herself, VRBO refuses to provide me with 100% refund and says they will only give me 50% back - DON\'T BELIEVE their book with confidence rhetoric it is NOT TRUE. I WILL NEVER RENT ANYTHING THROUGH VRBO ever again. Total FRAUD."

Mugsy says

"As an owner with a listing on the site, their platform out right sucks. Always down, can\'t get data out of it. The payment recap to figure out their fees is almost impossible. It flat out sucks. There is no flexibilty. We keep it as our positive reviews reside there so we feel we are stuck. "

Technical Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As an employee at HomeAway, you are constantly berated and verbally abused by entitled, horrible customers. The company does not care at all about the user experience and only cares about profits. Horrible culture, insane micromanagement, and very high stress. I once had a manager come to my desk because I went over ONE MINUTE on my break. I was in the bathroom sick. They do not care about employees, only metrics."

Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"Worked here for just under a year, not worth joining. The pay is 19k plus a bonus. 6 month probation period where you are judged on a poor survey called csat. Managers love favourites, and do no work. One of them has a poor level of English and has benefited from being very good ‘friends’ with a director. Cons: Boring tedious job."

Premier Partner Customer Experience Agent (Current Employee) says

"In the CS department, it's work before employees and awful schedules are provided. It also takes months, if not years, to get your schedule changed in the CS department. There's high turnover and little to no employee satisfaction and forced company culture. If you don't want to participate or be a part of that culture you're made to feel like an outsider. On top of that, the calls that come through are insanely stressful and hard to handle. Hands down, the worst experience I've had working in customer service. 10/10 do not recommend."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"First year of employment was pretty great, culturally the company seemed to really care about the employees of every department. After the first year, the company went through a buyout by Expedia and became rapidly hostile towards tenured employees of non-essential departments such as customer service since the Expedia umbrella company has plenty of customer service departments to place the burden of customer support on. Many people were being laid off for strange reasons and most of the team when I left were all completely new people and it felt suspicious to me since the corporate officer teams were nearly 100% replace with Expedia employees by the time I left. Very demanding job with little room for advancement and lots of suspicious promotion behavior patterns. Cons: Terrible team feel, no room for promotion, insane metric requirements"

Fraud Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They overwork you and expect you to give your all when they are always finding faults when you do your 1x1 with them which is why they have a very high turnover rate."

Finance/Accounting (Current Employee) says

"If you aren't part of the mean girls’ club forget it, you'll get treated as less than trash, you'll be underestimated, don't dream of any kind of career development nor professional advancement or salary increase. No life-work balance, head of accounting expect you to be available after normal business hours via email, text message or Skype even during PTO or sick days. Bottom line here is; if you enjoy a highly competitive job environment where people cut-off heads to move up in the corporate ladder, if you don't mind having no training to get your work done or if you like the feeling of being left abandoned in an island, then you are suitable for the job. There's no sense of team work AT ALL. Cons: Department heads has no people skills/working hours/No team players"

Program Manager (Former Employee) says

"Are you a young engineer? Then this company might be good for you. Otherwise, run."

Customer Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"Horrible experience. If you don't mind a position where you don't get the training you need and the support this is the company for you. You will hit the floor knowing nothing and the managers are unreachable. Most employees call out sick to avoid the be and the ones that are there won't help you. Cons: no support, managers don't care, you're there to fend for yourself"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Your employment experience will depend entirely on your department and management. 24/7 dedication to the job is applauded with 60 - 70+ hour work weeks common (and expected by some managers.) Internal competition is fierce with fractured relationships across many teams who should be working together. It shows in the disjointed product and brand. Cons: Until management addresses the pervasive dysfunctionality, this will continue to be a toxic environment."

Assistant clientèle (Former Employee) says

"Travail mal organisé"

Customer Support Agent (Former Employee) says

"When I first started working at HomeAway it was a great company,but as I finished out my first year, the company started to change for the worse. The management hires people as supervisors who have no formal training on how to work with their agents or team. New hires that did not have any job experience are getting paid more than the senior agents who have been there longer and had more experience. Then the new CEO came in and made drastic changes that only made the job experience worse, and the rapport with customers even more bad. The company needs to restructure their whole business model, and their turnover rate is something serious, because they are not paying people the pay that they deserve and the management is horrible. They do not tend to fix issues with supervisors and agents and other issues. I wanted to highlight the not so good things, because so many people will say the good things, but this place is one of the worse. Beware!"

Customer Service Representative III (Current Employee) says

"As a CSR, you are highly undervalued and underpaid - which is to be expected just about anywhere. However, the amount of energy devoted to hollow messages of appreciation add insult to injury. It is exceedingly rare and far too difficult for anybody in CS to progress outside of CS without an extraordinary amount of flattery and time. Cons: Slow sick time accrual, comparatively low pay, frustrated career growth, very cliquish/tribal"

Rather not say (Current Employee) says

"The only thing that has kept me here is the people I work with and the fact that I need a job to cover my cost of living. Management doesn't care about employees and only certain teams are eligible for bonuses and raises, which you don't find out about until you're not one of those teams. Work load is not proportional to pay across the board and there's a ton of nepotism. Be forewarned, unless you're the buddy of someone in a management role you won't find much opportunity for growth within the company. Cons: no room for advancement, unapproachable managers"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Un manager fr en place que l’on a du mal à comprendre à la fois dans son travail mais aussi dans sa manière de prendre des décisions. Cons: Tâches répétitives..."

Data Analyst (Current Employee) says

"HomeAway itself is a good company, with a chill vibe and smart people. Unfortunately, Expedia is trying its best to ruin this. Navigating between the 2 extreme cultures is very difficult, and there's always the feeling of inevitable takeover if Expedia has their way. HomeAway is relaxed and understands the need for work/life balance and continuing education. Expedia just wants you to put in the hours, doesn't matter if anything is getting accomplished. Not to mention they pinch pennies, especially for travel. Ironic, isn't it? Cons: Seattle takeover"

Product Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"The benefits are top notch, but due to a large number of established staff, there is no more room for growth. Cons: Poor management, no room for job growth."

FRBO ACCOUNT MANAGER (Current Employee) says

"The job involves making 80-100 calls a day. I have learned how to up sell, salesforce software, and how to interact with customers. Cons: Not enough people contact"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Drastically changed from great company to just another call center, to the point where you have to justify bathroom breaks Cons: Micro management"

Full time Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"was a very busy place learned how to work in a fast paced manner when there was inpatient customers learned how to deal with them enjoyed it but the hardest part was my boss never having the time to deal with us when we were having issues with the customers."

WEB ANALYTICS DEVELOPER (Former Employee) says

"Company grew by acquisition and didn't put the proper structures in place to support the day to day or technology stack. Pushing code to production required 30 minutes of code and 4 hour of meetings for approval. Cons: bureaucracy"

Melissa Spencer says

"This company doesn\'t give a fig for customer service. I\'m sure it\'s not the agents\' fault, but to be told there is no way to escalate a 13 day-old case after having been told twice that it would be escalated (and having been disconnected not once, not twice, but three times by agents - two on chat and one on the phone) - well yes, it just sucks. There\'s literally no way provided to open a case about payments, or about the lack of customer service itself. After 11 years, this is the last straw. Reading the former employee entries on here just proves it\'s the company itself that sucks. We\'re quitting VRBO, and while I\'m at it I\'ll just quit their parent company and its other affiliates too."

Fiona Underhill says

"I booked a self catering holiday via vrbo. Having used home away previously, which is now called vrbo. They charged me a service fee of £295!!! Can't believe it. The rental was £2356 so this, which is essentially a booking fee, is more than 10% of the rental!! The online customer service chat was useless, couldn't answer my questions as to what this is for. It gives me no useful cover for anything. I will never use vrbo again."

Tracy says

"I’m going to try to make what should be a simple situation with VRBO concise. I rented an apt for my newly graduated son in Kansas City, Mo for 4 months. He was to start his new job there. I did the leg work, He paid the 6,000 ( upfront ) for the furnished unit. He arrived from Fla to the unit and it was not at all as displayed in pics. Fire alarm was going off ( beeping from needing batteries), all cooking utensils in boxes, thick unbearable smoke odor ( advertised as non - smoking unit) and dishwasher full of moldy dishes.All the furniture had price tags still attached. He called the “owner” who said being New Year’s Eve, maintenance could not come till Jan 2nd to pull batteries and no available ladder for him to do it. In addition , he wasn’t allowed to do it as only maintenance was legally allowed. This was first red flag. Well, that and all items still with price tags on them.Things went down hill from there . The next day the toilet wouldn’t flush and the garbage disposal started backing up. After a few days of research I learned Unique ( supposed owners name) did not own it al ALL! I was informed my son had to vacate immediately or would be considered a trust passer. I had already called VRBO FOUR times with my fears prior. Now we are in a desperate situation. VRBO finally confirmed he was a victim of fraud and put him in a hotel for 2 nights. They said they would move him to another property within re- booking guidelines but I would need to pay that fee (8,399.00) upfront till investigation was complete. Normally 3-5 days. I put on my credit card as he used all his funds on first unit. Here we are 2 weeks later without reimbursement or any update from VRBO’s guarantee team. We/ he is out over 14,000 dollars and now in a horrible financial mess. Fortunately, he is able to eat from the charity of the club that hired him. His checks are paying the second property payment ( on credit card) so his credit doesn’t suffer. Please, please, If one person can be saved this nightmare by my putting this out there, it’s worth the trouble. VRBO does not vet their properties and will not remedy when a clear cut fraud has occurred. Thanks for listening. Stacy"

Judy says

"Worst company ever!!!! Do NOT book with them. They lie and are deceptive. After my stay, they would not reimburse me my REFUNDABLE damage deposit. I left the property spotless. They are scammers at all cost."

Monica says

"I have used VRBO for many years without complaint. However, I am DONE. Their "service fee" and "cleaning fees" add $500. Insane. Plenty of other places to book through in the future without these exorbitant fees."

Rodney Kagarise says

"VRBO rental listing says includes all fees and taxes. When you click rent, they add $500 in fees. Will stay away from VRBO"

Cheated customer says

"DO NOT BOOK!!! They are lying. They advertise that you can get a no hassle full refund if you book through them. That's a damn lie! We booked and decided to cancel 24 hours later. We went in to do so and a recording came on saying that you could not cancel due to Covid. WTH does COVID-19 have to do with these greedy thieves returning our deposit? Nothing! SCAMMERS TO THE 3RD DEGREE!!!"

Diana Taylor says

"I am a property owner,who advertised successfully on Home Away for 10 years.I now deal with VRBO.I have read these negative reviews of potential guests using VRBO with alarm.As an owner of a holiday property,I am also not happy with how VRBO have changed the values of Home Away.Example.I have a booking for my apartment in Jan 2022.The guest paid the deposit in Nov 2019.On 1st.Jan 2020 VRBO implemented a payment to owners,only when guests check in.Home Away used to pay owners the deposit sent and then the final balance on arrival.Even though my guest paid the deposit before the new rules commencement date,they will not send me the deposit.They will have had this money in their bank account, for 1 year and 1 month,before they finally send it to me. So if you have not arrived at your booked property,VRBO still have your money,not the owner.I have spoken to VRBO .The man I spoke to was sympathetic,realizing how long they would have my money for,but said These are the rules!!!."

Cody says

"Don't get scammed bu this shady shady company will give you the wrong keys and leave you without a place to sleep. Payed $800 for one night in an ugly apartment and now they are trying to charge me an extra $200? For what??"

Charlene Sslpietra says

"I spent days searching for the right place to visit as a surprise gift for my husband, booked the property, announced it as a gift and then was emailed that my reservation was cancelled because vrbo made a mistake and the property was not available for the dates I chose. VRBO wasted a lot of my time and will not reply to me when I try to chat with them. Ruined anniversary!"

Shaneen says

"Do not rent from VRBO!!! Go with AirBnB!!!! I had a horrible experience with VRBO that I’m actually still going through right now. My husband rented a vacation home from them for my birthday. The pictures were amazing. When we arrived the home was filthy. I attempted to clean it but I didn’t want my twins to sleep on any of the bedding in this home. Anyway we stayed one night and decided to leave the next morning. My 5 year old twins were even complaining about the untidiness of the house. So we called Evolve(vrbo) and they were no help at all. We only asked to be refunded for the days that we didn’t stay and they refused to give our money back because the owner didn’t agree to it. I submitted pictures of how filthy the stove and fridge were and they still wouldn’t give our money back. So we are out of $1100 for a place we didn’t stay at for the entire time because it was filthy. In short folks...beware do not rent from them. The negative reviews are accurate. They take no accountability for the owners deficits and they won’t help you get your money back if there is an issue. I have asked to speak with management several times and they have yet to put us in contact with a manager. The best they offered was to give us 50% of our money back for the 3 nights we didn’t stay. This has been a horrible experience!!! My birthday surprise was ruined and the rest of our trip has been nothing but my husband and I making calls to try and get someone to help us. Beware!!!! Airbnb is better and fair at the very least. Vrbo will rip you off."

julia k. says

"i am an home owner, first of all VRBO takes a lot of money from each rental, second the site is a complete complicated mess and now i have to confirm my identity although i am with the platform already for 12 years and i send my passport now already 2 times, but every time i get a message that i have to send it again. so i phoned, and hopefully i get instructions now so i can do it, but it is very frustrating to have to spend so much time on this. Airbnb is so much better organised, simple, quick and clear! But homeowners are stuck to VRBO as a lot of people around the world are using Homeaway, or abitrel or FeWo direkt, which all are part of VRBO."

Michael says

"Vrbo and Alex Dunn of property 4853622 in Denver Colorado are scam artists. I had a reservation for property that was cancelled due to covid. Owner assured me that given the circumstances I'd get a refund if I rebooked, I did, he disappeared. Vrbo does nothing. I call every week and speak to some idiot who is unhelpful and uncaring. No one stands by there word and Vrbo does nothing to intervene. NEVER BOOK WITH VRBO."

Dawn says

"Stay well clear. If I could rate it less than 1 star I would. Booked apartment on this site. The owner cancelled 6 days before we arrived. Vrbo have done nothing and said there is nothing they can do even tho it was booked with them. Seen alot of stories very similar. Beginning to think maybe some owners and vrbo have a dirty scam going conning people out of all their money...... Also do not book property #1198440ha on vrbo. Wauter Peter is as bad. He is refusing to reply to messages. €915 taken.... he would not reply until I said I would post his photo on every travel forum. The apartment is in santa Maria Hotel. Adeje. Room 468..... avoid at all costs........."

Lynda Oconnor says

"VRBO are the worst holiday company I have every dealt with... I can’t physically speak with you, I have been on chat which is totally useless. I’m wasted so many hour’s trying to understand why you will not return my service fee, when it was no fault of my own, and the holiday was cancelled due to Covid-19. You have my money, when I received no service. As I have stated numerous times Skyes who took my deposit have been amazing. I suggest you look at your customer service. Looking at all the bad reviews on Trustpilot I think you need to up your game."

Mrs A says

"This was the most difficult booking I have ever had. There was a glitch in the VRBO system when I tried to book and pay for a rental. The message that I got said that the dates weren’t available (only after I had my credit card info entered) so I booked a different rental. The next day I had 2 charges and VRBO had both rentals booked for me. I tried for a week to get it cleared up and get some money back but VRBO was no help as they said it was up to the owner. I’m out over $500 at a time when money is tight, the work is in a frenzy and I have a child with cerebral palsy. This was so wrong when all I was trying to do was enjoy a mini trip. This experience for me was horrible and I have all of my documentation and emails, text messages and phone records. The owner, after promising via text and email, to change the dates cancelled the reservation with no refund or explanation. Then she just stopped responding to even VRBO customer service. I’m so frustrated with this experience!"

dwei says

"I attempted to book 2 properties one after the other for a summer vacation. I forwarded the payment in full (no deposits taken) and each time I was refused without any explanation. Very humiliating. Never used vrbo before and will never use again."

Mindy Russell says

"Horrible Experience. We booked a VERY nasty home (photos and home was falsely described). Home doors would not lock to pool (and we have small children) rolled carpet that 70 mother-in-law fell on. MOLD in closet, MOLD in carport. Body and head hair everywhere. Dirty dishes in dishwasher. Dirty bed sheets with body hair, food and food stains. black thick dust in air return and hanging off walls and ceilings. Food in and on couches along with clothing from other people left behind. Makeup spears on the door and light switches. Food and black crap on light switches. Hair in bathrooms and on floors. Balls of hair on the floor. Water bottles floating in pool. Was told by management company that the owner does not pay for deep clean or Covid clean. Contacted owner and was told he waisted his time and to contact the management company. Contacted customer service was told our claim would be reviewed within 24/48 hours. It now has been over a week and nothing (also when I call to follow up I get the run around). Try to leave a review (after hours of trying to locate how to do it) review was never posted (so know other have no idea the nasty little place they are booking. We provide photos of the nasty home but still nothing has been done to prevent other from renting the home. Horrible customer service, horrible follow up, horrible accountability, horrible website, horrible company. BTW don’t book home ... oops they will not allow me to share link. I am opening a fraud case and contacting the better business bureau."

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